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Approved Atmosia compendium

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Cubetastic, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Cubetastic

    Cubetastic Administrator Forum Moderator

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    Byond Member Profile
    Majority of players don't understand how Atmosia works, or how they should play as an atmos tech. I've made this guide so that people can quickly and easily learn what you should do every round, as well as some of the cooler advanced stuff. If you have any questions, or anything you would like me to add, please feel free to ask.

    What atmosia does by default: Waste air comes in, gets filtered slowly, fresh air gets pumped out slowly

    What we want it to do: Pump waste gas in quickly, cool it down, filter it quickly, keep a medium pressure of fresh air in the pipes

    Do the following things at the start of EVERY round.

    #1 Go to air output, set the gas pump to 2000 kpa

    #2 Replace the gas pump at waste input to a south-facing volume pump and turn it on (leave it on max)

    #3 Go to each air filter and turn it to max

    #4 Go to the nitrogen, oxygen and air mix gas pumps and turn them all to max (4500 kpa)

    #5 Open up the computers for all of those same gasses, and set the output to 4500 kpa

    #6 Remove the gas pump between the custom mix freezers and waste pipes, and replace it with a horizontal pipe. Change the heater into a freezer (Screwdriver, crowbar, screwdriver the heater chip, put everything back in frame, screwdriver twice, wrench once to turn pipe, screwdriver again) , then turn both freezers on to the lowest temperature possible.

    #7 Go to all of the important rooms/hallways, unlock air alarm with ID, set operating status to contaminated. Afterwards, lock the air alarm with ID. Since this is mostly time consuming and boring, just do the important areas.

    #8 Don’t remove the mix tank to distro gas pump. Its against the server rules. Besides, its more fun this way.

    #9 Connect these distro pipes at arrivals with manifolds, as shown


    #10 Turn on atmospheric and fire alerts on your PDA, and respond to any areas that have alarms going off.
    #1 Go to air output, set the gas pump to 1500 kpa

    - By default atmosia pushes out only 100 kpa of air. To reliably refill rooms that have lost air, you'll need a higher pressure in the air pipes.

    Some people recommend that you put a volume pump on max here, and push the pressure all the way up to 9000kpa. I personally dislike doing this, to the point of swapping it to gas pumps if I see anybody doing it. 2000kpa is more than enough for all you need.

    Pros: Low pressure rooms can be refilled quickly

    Pipes when wrenched will send people flying at high speeds

    Hard to flood station with plasma quickly

    Cons: 2000kpa can refill low pressure rooms just as fast

    Unwrenching pipes won't hurt you if you don't hit a wall or window

    If an air alarm is compromised, entire sections of the ship can be overpressurised in under a minute

    Draining distro pipes will take a long time

    No changes to distro configuration can be made without potentially harming yourself

    #2 Replace the gas pump at waste input to a volume pump and turn it on (leave it on max)

    #3 Go to each air filter and turn it to max output

    - These two steps max out the filtering system

    #4 Go to the nitrogen, oxygen and air mix gas pumps and turn them all to max

    #5 Open up the computers for all of those same gasses, and set the output to 4500 kpa

    - The breathable air mix will be mixed faster, before being sent up to the air out pipes.

    #6 Remove the gas pump between the custom mix freezers and waste pipes, and replace it with a horizontal pipe. Turn on the freezer and set it to coolest setting

    - Cooling a gas reduces the pressure of it. Gas and volume pumps can only push through a certain pressure of gas per second. By cooling waste gas, we will allow more waste air to be pushed through the filtering system per second. Extreme heated gas will also be cooled as it comes through, important if there are multiple fires on the station.

    #7 Go to each important accessible room, unlock an air alarm with an ID and change the operating mode to "contaminated". Afterwards, lock the air alarm.

    - Scrubbers by default only send CO2 in a small area back to the waste filtering system. By changing to contaminated mode, it will scrub all kinds of harmful gasses in a larger area. You can also go to scrubber settings and set it all manually, but it takes a lot more clicks.

    #8 Don’t remove custom mix to air output gas pump. Its against the server rules. Besides, its more fun this way.

    - The reason why this is a rule is because its considered metagaming/powergaming. Your character IC doesn't have grounds to suspect the AI/crew will sabotage the air system. Upon actually gaining evidence of a rogue AI, feel free to unwrench this and add manual valves everywhere.

    #9 Connect distro pipes at arrivals

    - The distro pipes do not encircle the whole station. Instead, the pipes running left from atmos cover cargonia, engineering and the bottom of arrivals. The right side pipes go past medbay, science, brig and upper arrivals. This makes no sense, because if a pipe gets blown up outside science, it can cause brig to get no air flow. By attaching these pipes together, it will help other areas to get air in a crisis.

    You can also connect the waste pipes here as well, but it is much less important.

    #10 PDA alerts

    - This is what makes atmos techs useful and efficient. You can tell where breaches are happening without having to see them happen.

    No, really, its written better there than I'm capable of. Go read it. Its very useful.
    A sign of a bad atmos tech is one who grabs the hardsuit, doesn't adjust any pipes, and leaves. Don't be that guy.

    Whatever you do, KEEP THE MAGBOOTS AND HARDSUIT TOGETHER. I dont even know why they spawn apart from each other. They are near useless when not used in unison.

    How you gear up is situational, but heres the main three you'll use:

    Setup 1: Casual atmos tech
    Firefighter helmet (For the light)
    Optical T-Ray scanner goggles
    Hazard vest (Slight armor buff)
    OR Atmospherics winter coat (Cold resist, found in clothes locker. Has a hood)
    Black gloves (Easier time messing with lights)
    RPD, metal and glass in bag
    Backpack fire extinguisher in hand
    Throw away your pocket T-Ray Scanner from your toolbelt, put your analyser in that spot

    Setup 2: Firefighter
    Full firesuit on
    Backpack fire extinguisher on back
    Bag in hand with all the essentials
    Drag around a water tank

    Setup 3: Breach fixer
    Atmos hardsuit on
    3000kpa oxygen tank in suit storage
    RPD, metal and glass in bag

    If you're a plasmaman, you're going to want to run plasma internals off a portable tank. Fill a high capacity one up to 3000 kpa, put a spare into your internals box.
    Like the name suggests, these extinguishers must be on your back to use. They unfortunately do not fit inside of bags. If you still need a bag, you can carry your bag in your hand. Alternatively (and preferably), carry the extinguisher in your hand until you actually need to use it.

    If you drag a water tank around, you can put out a lot of fires using one of these. They are great for malf AI rounds.

    These extinguishers have three usable modes. Modes can be switched by using the nozzle.

    Extinguisher mode: Sprays a mist of water, puts out fires. Uses 5 units of water per shot

    Permafrost mode: Shoots a ball of ice that will expand and cool after a second. If there is any lit plasma, it will turn the plasma into nitrogen. After using, it will be put on a cooldown for around 10-15 seconds. Each shot consumes 100 units of water. Due to how much water will be required to cool down a large plasma fire, you should drag a water tank with you if using this mode. This mode is great to cool down hallways and decrease pressure post-plasma fires.
    Note: If the ball explodes next to a vent or scrubber, it will freeze it shut.

    Metal foam mode: You can patch up walls and plating that have been destroyed. Its only a temporary fix as anyone can hit the metal foam to destroy it. However, it actually costs no water from the tank to use. Its generated seemingly from thin air.
    Many options of the air alarm are confusing or misleading. The wiki doesn't do a great job explaining some things either.

    First off, you need atmosia to be set up properly, or many of the functions will not work optimally. You cant push air into a room if theres no air in the pipes. You also cant suck air out of the room if the pipes are already full. ALWAYS set up atmosia first. Anyway, heres what air alarms do:

    Area atmos alarm: Air alarms turn on automatically. The only time you'll use this option is when you want to mess with the CE and atmos techs. You can potentially use it to draw them away from actual breaches, and waste their time.

    Panic syphon: Turns on all scrubbers in the room to syphoning, turns off all the vents. Use this when there is a large amount of harmful gas in the air, but make sure to replace the air afterwards.

    Vents control
    Pressure regulator has two settings:
    Internal: Will push air out of the vent until the pressure inside the pipe is at the target pressure you have set
    External: Will check the air outside the pipe, and push out air until it has hit the target pressure you have set

    On/off and target pressure need not be explained

    If you need to refill a room quickly, set the vent to internal and target pressure 0. It will push all of the air out of the pipe. Only leave it on for around five seconds, unless you want to kill people.

    Scrubbers control
    Mode: Can be set to filter or syphon.
    Range: Normal or expanded. Just keep it always on expanded, normal is pointless.
    Filters: By default will only filter Co2. Keep in mind that BZ gas when filtered will go to the mix tank, unless you have set up a canister filter.

    Operating mode
    Filtering: Default setting, takes out Co2 in a small zone. Vents set to 100 external. Mostly useless.
    Contaminated: Sets scrubbers to filter all harmful gasses at an extended range. Should be treated as the better default option.
    Draught: Will syphon in a small area while vents are set to double default output
    Refill: Vents set to triple default output
    Cycle: Panic siphon, but it switches back to filtering when the pressure gets below 5kpa
    Syphon: Syphons gas in a small area. Vents turned off.
    Panic syphon: Syphons gas in an expanded area. Vents turned off.
    Off: (insert witty comment here about how its obvious)

    Filtering, draught, refill, syphon and off are all essentially useless. If you want to argue that off isn't useless, keep in mind you can set a vent or scrubber to filter/vent a tiny amount of gas and the animation for it being turned on will stay the same.

    Alarm thresholds
    Pretty obvious stuff here. There isn't a lot of leniency given, 150kpa is actually safe for people but will set air alarms to red. Sometimes you can change the alarm threshold if theres a room around that pressure and you cant be bothered sitting there syphoning for a few minutes, as it achieves nothing.

    You can also change it entirely so plasma is deemed as safe for plasmaman rooms.
    I've written this assuming you want to flood the station with plasma, but you can replace that with any gas by piping a different one into the yellow piping.

    As AI:

    Turn on the pump from the plasma storage tank to the yellow piping.

    Turn on the pump leading to the mix tank.

    Turn on the two pumps between the mix tank to the blue distro loop.

    Set the mix tank computer’s output to max (5066 kpa)

    As human/engieborg, you can either do the same method or a harder to fix method:

    Turn on the pump from the plasma storage tank to the yellow piping.

    Turn on the pump leading to the mix tank.

    Detach the light blue to green piping gas pump, turn it around, attach it, set it to max.

    Set the light blue to dark blue piping pump to max as well.

    This way, it skips the mix tank and sabotages an extra portion of air mix piping.

    Optional improvements:

    Empty distro before pumping plasma in

    Swap out gas pumps for volume pumps

    Unwrench as much of the waste loop as possible

    Set the gas filters to 1 kpa
    #1 Small amount of harmful gas in the air

    If you’ve set up atmosia and the air alarms properly, this problem will fix itself. If not, go set those things up instead of grabbing a portable air scrubber.

    #2 Large amount of harmful gas in the air

    Panic syphon the air from the room, refill it with clean air and return scrubbers to contaminated once the harmful gasses are minimised. You don’t need to syphon all of the harmful gas, scrubbers can do the last few percent.

    #3 Entire station is filled with harmful gas, including air pipes

    First up, send all the air in the pipes to the waste system. Make sure the filtering system is actually working. Then its the same deal as before, just you'll have to go room by room. Take all of the portable air scrubbers out of atmosia, and get people to drag them around. Its a waste of time for you to do that yourself usually.

    #4 Malf AI, and borgs wanting to kill everyone

    If you see a borg come into atmos for no apparent reason, run the other direction.

    "Whats that borg doing here?"


    "Ah, thats what hes doing here!"

    Malf AI rounds play out one of two ways. Either they will bumrush atmos, and kill everyone inside, then turn it into a deathtrap for any atmos techs that come wandering by. OR, they will try to be sneaky and take out their targets without a plasmaflood.

    If they are rushing atmos, stay the hell out of atmos until its cleared. Don't attempt to go in to fix atmosia or grab items, its a lost cause. Try to protect security from plasma flooding first, and defend everyone else second. Your entire job will be in putting up preventative measures against flooding, and defending people from getting burnt. Don't bother trying to fight the borgs or AI unless security gears you up first.

    If instead they are being sneaky, but get discovered, you may have a chance to rig atmospherics to defend against plasmaflooding. First, disconnect all the cameras. Once this is done, lock down atmospherics and weld the doors (You can unweld when you need to leave). Make sure the waste and filtering system is set up correctly, then add manual valves anywhere that plasmaflooding requires. After this is all done, go around the station turning off cameras as much as possible.

    #5 Theres a small fire

    Put it out with an extinguisher, syphon the hot air, replace with room temp air.

    #6 Theres a large fire

    Same as a small fire, just deal with it piece by piece.


    Use a firesuit, backpack extinguisher and internals to put out the fire. Syphon the hot air, replace with cool air.

    Keep in mind that the atmos hardsuit is also heat resistant.

    #8 Theres shadowlings running around maintenance kidnapping people

    Make a ton of flamethrowers with 3000 kpa plasma tanks in them, and start handing them out to security and heads. Go around replacing lights. Don't go chasing shadowlings for a fight, security will be happy to do that themselves once they have flamers.

    If security is done for you CAN still take a few shadowlings down. Just don’t wander into maint without multiple light sources on you. If you're a plasmaman, use the permafire plasmaman trick to make yourself a walking lantern. If you’re going solo, stick to thin maintenance tunnels to blast them in. Even if you get glared, as long as you get one flamer shot off on them first they will either die or be extremely hurt.

    Generally speaking though, don't try to hunt them down by yourself, plasma fires can cause too much collateral damage. Admins are not pleased by this.

    #9 Theres gang members/revolutionaries

    Get implanted, then run around with a nitrous oxide flamethrower. Goal is to knock people out with the gas, tie them up, get them implanted. Security hud glasses are a great help when identifying who is implanted and who is not.

    Alternatively, pneumatic cannon glass in their faces and drag their bodies into maint to hide. This is the better option if security has been overrun, but only if you know for sure who are revs/gangers and who is not (Or you can expect admins to be on your case). If security are still around they will just lynch you for this.

    #10 Theres a changeling

    Be ready to use the incinerator if the crematorium mysteriously becomes unusable.

    Note: May not even turn them to ash if used incorrectly

    #11 Theres a hostile wizard

    Be scared of it teleporting into atmos to brutally murder you. Cry because theres not a huge amount you can do.

    #12 Theres a strange man in atmos

    RUN. FUCKING RUN. Call security on them and don’t return until they are gone. The only reason anyone ever goes to atmospherics is because they are an antag and they want you dead, or they want to mess with Atmosia.
    Pump any gas you want into the yellow piping.
    Then, use a gas filter to filter off that gas into a connector.
    Attach an air pump to the connector.
    Put in a tank, fill it with the gas.

    The setup will look like this:

    You can also do the same thing with the oxygen piping to quickly fill your internals to 3000kpa.
    You will only need to filter a bit of oxygen into it, keep it on filtering nothing and max pressure to ensure you don't cut off the air mixing.
    Step 1: Make the flamethrower.

    You can find igniters in tool storage, secure tech storage, or science. You can make metal rods out of the plates that spawn in atmos. Welders are pretty much everywhere, but mainly in tool storage or the lockers in atmos.

    Step 2: Make 3000 kpa plasma tanks

    Use the air pump method I explained earlier

    Step 3: Set up flamethrower

    Connect plasma tank to flamethrower. Set output to 1000. It won’t push out more than that at once, so don’t bother setting it to 3000 kpa. Set the flamethrower to "lit". If the welder was low on fuel it might not actually light. Once its lit, it'll stay lit pretty much indefinitely. Chuck it in your bag for now.

    Step 4: Protection is key

    Try to wear a firesuit or atmos hardsuit for flame protection while you’re using this thing. If you stand in the heat for long enough you’ll overheat and die anyway, but at least you don’t have to be too afraid this way.

    Also, keep in mind you can put any gas you want into the flamethrower. Nitrous oxide or BZ are the obvious choices.
    The incinerator generates a very low amount of power, dependant on the temperature and pressure of the gasses in the chamber. You should only need to use the incinerator in cases where engineering has done a terrible job and the station is slowly but surely losing power. Alternatively, you can set it up to charge the SMES as backup power for the station (Ye of little faith).

    Firstly, place a gas mixer between the plasma and oxygen pumps in the yellow piping. Set the plasma to 66%, oxygen to 33%. Turn on all of the pumps to the mix tank, then the one to the incinerator room. Once this is done, walk through maintenance to the incinerator room.

    Turn on the first pump next to the wall only for now. Open up the interior airlock, set the gas pump on the left to max. Close the interior airlock, open the exterior airlock. Open both vents to space, and wait a solid minute to ensure all nitrogen from the air is dispensed to space.

    Once you have waited a minute, close the vents and open the only remaining pump to push gas into the chamber. Leave the exterior airlock open (The one in the center). Wait a few minutes for it to fill up to a very high pressure.

    When you are satisfied that the pressure in the chamber has reached almost implosion levels, switch on the turbine at the computer, and flip the igniter switch. The result will be a very hot fire that slowly declines in heat over time. Set the SMES up based on how much power you are recieving.

    While you could cool the gas and put volume pumps in as well, this usually leads to all of the plasma and oxygen being burnt in 20 minutes flat. I much prefer a smaller, longer charge over a larger, shorter charge.
    You can attach igniter assemblies to plasma tanks. This will make them into a bomb, with the method of detonation depending on what kind of igniter assembly is attached. You can also put any gas you want into the plasma tank, but you cannot attach the assemblies to oxygen tanks instead.

    In case you dont know what an igniter assembly is:
    Screwdriver an igniter
    Screwdriver one of: signaller, mousetrap, timer, proximity sensor, voice analyser
    Attach them together
    Screwdriver the assembly
    Attach it to the plasma tank
    Craftable, requires:

    2x pipe

    8x package wrapping

    4x metal sheets

    One wrench or welder to construct

    At first, this doesn’t seem like a weapon as much as it seems annoying. However, with a few adjustments it’s pretty deadly. Atmos techs have the easiest time out of all of the jobs getting all the parts, and they fit pretty easily in backpacks. If you’re a traitor with a single target, consider using this as a weapon over a flamethrower.


    Use a 3000 kpa oxygen tank

    Wrench it to setting 2

    Add 7 broken glass shards

    A shot of glass shards deals 70 brute damage, but also will embed three glass shards into the body of your victim and cause them to bleed. You can hold one in each hand and shoot each one extremely quickly if using hotkeys. With this method, you’ll end up doing 140 brute damage in under a second. The only problem of course is if you miss you’re boned, and pneumatic cannons are very conspicuous.
    Permafire plasmaman
    Simply put on a firesuit or atmos hardsuit, and switch out your plasmaman helmet for a fireman helmet or the hardsuit helmet. Since both give you fire resistance, you'll be resistant to your own fire. Logically this makes no sense as the fire is coming from your own body and should be inside the suit. If you want a good laugh, run around main corridors and watch everyone scramble to extinguish you.

    Air pumps vs canisters
    Canisters release gas at a constant rate, the rate of which you are able to set.
    Air pumps release gas until thee surrounding environment reaches the target pressure.

    Because of how air pumps work, they are amazing at refilling maintenance areas. Since there are no air vents in maint, you can push a filled up air pump in maint, set it to 100 kpa target, and let it refill the entire section. Of course, fix all of the breaches before you do this.

    Admin alerted pumps
    Most of the important gas pumps in atmosia have admin alerts set up for them. Whenever you turn one on or off, or remove one, it will alert an admin. They are in place for the deadly gasses, as well as mix tank to distro. The main purpose is to alert an admin when someone is plasma flooding, in case it is a grief attempt.

    Safely unwrenching high pressure piping
    If you go flying from unwrenching a high pressure pipe and hit a wall, you take damage.
    If you instead hit an airlock, you will not take damage and instead still be standing as if nothing happened. This also works with any object that you cannot walk through. Its easy to line yourself up with an airlock or drag a crate around with you.

    Secondary filtering systems
    You can make systems that check for harmful gasses in distro, then filter them out. Provided you don''t block off any possibility of the gasses entering distro via this method, it wont be considered powergaming. However, if there IS a confirmed malf AI, you can throw a few filters each side of distro coming out of atmosia, in maintenance.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  2. Alexandria404

    Alexandria404 Administrator Forum Moderator Veteran Player

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    As a fellow atmos tech I approve of this.
    Spilling out trade secrets like this......
  3. Slinky5890

    Slinky5890 CUK MASTER 23 Council Member Forum Admin +Coder+ Forum Moderator

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    Byond Member Profile
    If anyone knows atmos, it's cubetastic. Good ol' xenon and other names I haven't internalised. If atmos are doing weird experimental things (like a cooling loop around the ENTIRE station) I always assume it's him, and so far i'm 100% right.

    This is a great guide and I don't see any reason not to approve it. When I get my lazy arse out of bed i'll sort it
  4. Aphielanisn

    Aphielanisn Veteran Player

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    Byond Member Profile
    Its a good guide but I liked the old way of just telling people what stuff was and letting them earn the knowledge of plasma flooding on their own.

    Am I wrong to feel this way about teaching people major destruction techniques? Well probably- who knows?
  5. Slinky5890

    Slinky5890 CUK MASTER 23 Council Member Forum Admin +Coder+ Forum Moderator

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    Byond Member Profile
    Approved \o/
  6. Cubetastic

    Cubetastic Administrator Forum Moderator

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    Byond Member Profile
    Only reason plasma flooding is taught here is because it was suggested. Reason being it'll be funny if it ends up getting someone banned for griefing with it.

    Other names I've got saved at the moment are Richard Hall and Joseph Russell. Oh, and I plan to actually finish that cooling loop around entire station to incinerator challenge at some point. It'll probably have to be on a private server though, hard to actually pull off in a single round on the server without help and/or extreme luck.

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