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Admin code of conduct

Discussion in 'Quick-Links' started by Xantam, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Xantam

    Xantam Alien Queen Host Council Member Retired Admin Forum Admin Veteran Player

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    UPDATED BY: @Xantam
    DATE: 26/06/2016
    This thread will list everything you need to know as a player aspiring to become a staff member of Yogstation, what you need to know as a newly qualified moderator, and all the ranks beyond.

    What you need before your application;
    1. A valid, registered discord username matching your byond and forum name
    2. A valid forum username matching your byond username (and discord)
    3. Knowledge of the game rules and forum rules
    4. A decent gap between your last major offence on the community
      1. This includes;
        1. Server bans or notes
        2. Forum warnings or bans
    5. Confidence in your own skills which should show on your application. Quiet or shy people generally do not make for good administrators.
    6. Slight knowledge of the admin buttons, however this is not essential.
    Please note;
    Previous admin experience is absolutely not required. We are happy to try and train you.

    What you need to understand about being a moderator/administrator;
    First of all, congratulations on making it to the team if you're reading this section!
    1. Your play time comes second to that of moderating or administrating the server
      1. If an ahelp comes in which you can deal with, you must claim the ticket.
      2. Being an antag during the round does not exclude you from handling tickets. You may jump to centcomm temporarily to handle tickets, or hide on the station. Ignoring tickets is not acceptable.
        1. Do not jump to centcomm if you are being chased, you may only jump away if you are 100% neutral, even as an antag.
      3. Note; if you ignore tickets, you will be dealt with. We allow a grace period of a week for new mods for them to observe.
      4. If you are not able to handle a ticket, you must call for help and be able to show you tried to get help.
    2. Your feedback on ban appeals, admin and player complaints, admin applications, etc on the forums are essential. Not commenting on a ban appeal involving you within a week will result in a strike. You are not only signing up for an ingame role, but a forum role. We do not expect you to moderate the forums, just input where you need to.
    3. If you know you will be away for a length of time longer than 2-3 days, please complete a leave of absence slide. For staff, this can be found here. Do not forget to keep this updated.
    4. You should not feel obliged to handle tickets with "help" or "john doe" as the only body of the ticket. If they cannot make the effort to submit an accurate or informative ticket, you do not need to be bothered to help them.
    5. Never handle your own cases. Ask for assistance on Discord if no admins are online to help you. If nobody responds and handling your own case is the only option, be as unbiased as possible.
    6. You can only record and publicly upload a round while deadminned to prevent content such as IP addresses from being publicly revealed.
    7. Abuse of your powers will lead to strikes and demotions. Continued abuse will lead to dismissals.
    8. You must have 7 hours a week of administration time, which amounts to only 1 hour a day

    What Yogstation considers as a list of abuse from our staff with administration powers are listed below, and not limited to this list;
    • Using "check antags" without need or to aid yourself/players
    • Ending a round prematurely because you don't like it
    • Calling the shuttle from the admin verbs without good reason
    • Over-doing midi/ogg compilations
    • Overdoing events or admin-bussing. This should be limited to one a day, maximum
      • 3 admins total must be present for an event round and must agree to stay for atleast two hours or until the event ends.
      • One council member or tribunal member must approve the event on discord or ingame, if none are present to approve it then no event can happen
      • Rules for the event must be pre-written and shared to all staff before the event can be approved, so that staff joining midround can understand the situation better
    • Aghosting to see where someone or something is
    • Deleting an object, structure or player/mob for no legitimate reason
    • Spawning yourself in with a kit or object for no legitimate reason
    • Handling tickets or complaints relating to yourself without trying to get another administrator first.
    • Using godmode outside of an event or without legitimate reasons
    • Using admin tools to harm or kill players for fun or without legitimate reasons
    • Reviving or healing players without a legitimate reason
    • Teleporting players, mobs or items without a legitimate reason
    • Muting, kicking or banning players for fun or without a legitimate reason
    • Failing to respond to tickets
    • Muting OOC for no reason
    • Adminbombing, even at round-end
    • Giving antags extra objectives unless requested by said antag
    • Respawning yourself in as a player if you die
    The list is not conclusive. It's common sense, if you feel it maybe against the COC (code of conduct), don't do it.
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  2. Xantam

    Xantam Alien Queen Host Council Member Retired Admin Forum Admin Veteran Player

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    OLD COC:

    So you've decided to apply for a rank on the server? There are various things that you need to be aware of before you proceed with your application.

    What you need before your application:
    • Skype (Essential)
      • Do NOT apply before you have a skype. We've made it a mandatory requirement
      • As is frequent use of skype. You have to use skype at LEAST once a day for 2 hours at a time
    • Knowledge on the servers rules (Re-read them, please)
    • A decent gap between your last major offence on our server as noted in your Player Panel
    • Confidence in your own skills and application. "Shy" people generally don't make for good administrators
    • Slight knowledge on the admin-buttons (Not essential, but helps)
    What you need to understand about being an administrator:
    • Your play time comes second to administrating.
      • If an a-help comes in, you WILL try to handle it unless someone else does.
      • Being an antag doesn't mean you ignore ahelps. Jump to "Centcom docks" if need be.
        • Do not jump to the docks if you're being chased, that is abuse of your powers
      • If you sit there and expect everyone else to handle the ahelps, you will be dealt with quite severely
        • We do allow slight lenience with new-mods on their first week, to observe.
    • You need to be VERY active on the forums. Your feedback on ban appeals, admin complaints, admin applications and player complaints is crucial. If you fail in this area, you will face disciplinary action.
    • If you know you'll be away from the server, skype or forums for a lengthy time (more than 2 days), make an absense thread. This is essential
    • You should not feel obliged to answer ahelps simply saying "help", or "John Doe..!". You may ignore them freely, if the players don't make the effort to be informative, we don't make the effort to help them.
      • Taking the above as an excuse to ignore slightly imformative ahelps but not brilliantly worded ones will not be tolerated. For example:
        • "Help john doe killed me" - you can work off. "Help" you can't.
    If you're ever found to be abusing your powers in game, you will be demoted without trial. Abuse of powers is not limited to the list below:
    • Using "Check Antags" to your/any other players advantage
    • Ending a round because you don't like it (sounds simple, yet has been abused before)
    • Calling the shuttle via admin panel when you dislike something
    • Over-doing midi/ogg compilations. Frequent use of these will cause lag and ripples of lag into the next set of rounds. (Midi powers removed from all but council)
    • Events:
      • Events are a special type of round when 2+ admins are available to help out
      • They are not meant to be frequently used as suppliments to entertain when the current secret modes are boring
      • Should not just be exaggerated, but pre-planned
    • aGhosting to see where someone is
    • Deleting someone unless they are having a punishment given to them
    • Spawning yourself in and giving yourself a kit for whatever reason
    • Banning someone for killing you (seriously, NEVER handle your own case)
    • spawning items/npcs/objects
    • Giving Godmode to someone for whatever reason
    • Killing random people
    • Reviving/healing random people
    • Teleporting to people to do something to them/see where they are (while not observing/handling a case they're involved in)
    • Teleporting people to you for whatever reason
    • Banning people without a proper reason
    • kicking people without a proper reason
    • muting people without a proper reason
    • Failure to respond to aHelps
    • Failure to properly investigate a case
    • Spawning aliens for whatever reason
    • Excessive amounts of events
    • Excessive amounts of MIDIs
    • Giving yourself or someone else an unfair advantage
    • Muting OOC for no reason
    • Adminbombing
    • c-o-d-e-w-o-r-d: Postcard
    • Abuse of the CENTCOM announcement system
    • Excessive creation of antags
    • Giving antags extra objectives unless requested by an antag
    • Respawning yourself if you die
    • Teleporting onto the station if you get spaced
    • Gib someone who kills you
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