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Yogstation Written History

Here are the best records of Yogstation that show our history.

Yogstation A History




In this part of the forums we, the admin-team of Yogstation, explain how this server has started. The four founders of this server, 05rhardy, Spl99, Utahclock and TheHonouredWolf, were before the eleventh of October admins on another server, Yogstation. The situation was going downwards there, the Council of that server was constantly fighting when Hitman, the host of that server, decided to put two oldmins of that server again without consulting the admin-team. He decided to get rid of the council system and to implement an old system with head-admins instead of Council Members. Nobody knew what was exactly going on, and some admins decided to quit the team. At that point, Spl99 and 05rhardy had already planning for some time to create a new server, which would have the same quality Yogs had when it was at its top. They asked Utahclock and TheHonouredWolf to be the co-founders of the server, and they already asked some admins, such as FlatoftheBlade and Willverdrag1314, and some players to join them as well.

On the 11th of October, they made the split-up post on the forums of Yogstation, asking admins and retired admins to join them. New rules were created and implemented, and the new admin-team wouldn’t be led by one host, but by the council. Joseph Frost, Madventurer, GeneralPie, Hadrin Alucard, Crazyhyperway and Rumia were the other admins, who decided after the splitup-post to join the new server, instead of the old server, all on the 11th of October.

After we started, we had a pretty quiet period. We replaced the rules we had implemented on the start of the server, because most of the admins agreed they weren't fit for this server. We hired new admins: Clarkeh, Firestorm and Xeric. The only incident that happened was the one surrounding FlatoftheBlade and Utahclock. It really wasn't much, but it ended in Utah leaving and returning as a mod.

Basically what was going on, was that Flat was criticising Utah with (mostly) valid points, but he did it in a rather rude way. Utah decided to quit the adminteam because she was getting tired of this, but Hardy was able to convince Utah to stay on the server, and that's why she did return as a mod. On the same day, GriffinMan, an admin that used to be a mod on Old-Yogs, decided to jump to this server.



Written by Willverdrag1314

Oct 22, 2013
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