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Forms FAQ

What the fuck are forms? Where are the copy/paste templates?! OH GOD!

If you've looked around the Bans and Applications forum, then you may have noticed that you lack the permission to create a new thread in each place.

You may have asked yourself, "How am I supposed to post here if I need to?"




We've completely gotten rid of the old system, where you had to go copy/paste a format, then create a new thread. No more making appeals and applications; now it's as simple as using and filling out a form!






Forms are used for the following reasons:


  • • To ensure a properly formatted thread and thread title.
  • • With forms, we have the ability to create more options for input (e.g. drop-down boxes of choices for certain fields).
  • • The forms are cleaner and more organized.
  • • Things are simply easier this way, compared to the old way.


These forms dictate ban appeals, admin complaints, player complaints, and admin applications. We also use these forms for more recreational things, such as IC biographies.




Each respective form can be found at its respective subforum. A list of all forms available is also available at the top navigation bar. However, since you're here, we'll give you the links to the main forms.



Unban Appeal Form


Admin Complaint Form


Player Complaint Form


Admin Application Form


Jun 29, 2013
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